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Scholarships for shining students
UGC scholarships
News related to scholarship for Students
Post Matric Scholarships for SC/BC
Pre-metric and Post-metric Scholarship Schemes for Minority Students 21-04-2016 DPI-SE
Post Metric Scholarship Scheme for SC Students 04-03-2016 DPI-SE
Self Declaration under Post-Metric Scholarship to SC Students 18-02-2016 DPI-SE
Mid Term Review of Aashiarwad Scholarship Portal 25-01-2016 DPI-SE
Scholarship for Study by Punjab Building and Other Construction Works Welfare Board 18-12-2015 DPI-SE
Declaration under Post-Metric SC Student Scholarship Scheme 18-12-2015 DPI-SE
Activity Schedule for Aashirwad Scholarship Portal 18-12-2015 DPI-SE
Pending Detail of Students on Aashirwad Portal for Post-metric Scholarship To SC/OBC Students 16-12-2015 DPI-SE
Verification of Students under Post-metric SC Scholarship Scheme 10-12-2015 DPI-SE
Regarding Admission Fee of Students who applied for Post-Metric Scholarships 07-12-2015 DPI-SE
Activity Schedule for Post Metric SC/OBC Scholarship Scheme 24-11-2015 DPI-SE
Activity Schedule for Post Metric Scholarship Registration 19-11-2015 DPI-SE
Post Metric SC/OBC Scholarship Portal Aashirwad 05-11-2015 DPI-SE
Registration of Students for Post Metric SC and OBC Scholarship Schemes 21-10-2015 DPI-SE
Postmetric SC/OBC Scholarship Schemes 08-10-2015 DPI-SE
Re-approval of Disapproved Scholarship Data on ePunjabSchool Portal 07-10-2015 DPI-SE
2016 Commonwealth Scholarship in the United Kingdom 30-09-2015 DPI-SE
Registration of Students for Post Matric SC/OBC Scholarship Scheme 29-09-2015 DPI-SE
Date for Submission of Scholarship Applications is extended up to 25-08-2015 13-08-2015 DPI-SE
Scholarship to BPL Students by Sitaram Jindal Foundation 13-08-2015 DPI-SE
National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) - 2015 28-07-2015 SCERT
Non-Completion of Details of Scholarships on Aashirwad Portal || List of defaulter Schools 06-07-2015 DPI-SE
Updation of Scholarship Schemes Data on ePunjabSchool Web-Portal 01-06-2015 DPI-SE
Pre-Matric Minority Scholarships 29-05-2015 DPI-SE
Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students 16-05-2015 DPI-SE
Post Matric Scholarship for Minority Students- 2015 14-05-2015 DPI-SE
Regarding Post Matric Scholarship for SC/BC Students 09-04-2015 DPI-SE

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