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GK Current Affair June 4 , 2020


GK Current Affair June 4 , 2020

1. HumHaarNahiMaanenge "  गाना किस बैंक ने रीलीज किया है?
- hdfcbank

2.When was the term 'United Kingdom' 1st used?

3.MoHFW constitutes committee to reform Drug Regulatory System

4.Lucknow Pact was held in 1916.

5.•Newly Elected President of Asia-Pacific Group of UNESCO is Pakistan

6. “Mee Annapurna” initiative launched in Maharashtra

7.Q :Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda launched the "Going Online As Leaders (GOAL) programme" in partnership with which company on 15 May?

8. केंद्र सरकार ने बिजली वितरण फर्मों के लिए कितनी आपातकालीन राशी की घोषणा की है?
- 90000 Cr

9.Abhas Jha appointed to key World Bank position in South Asia

10. Based on the recommendation of which committee, the Defence Ministry approved the abolition of 9304 posts in the Military Engineering Service?
Lt Gen Shekatkar

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