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GK Current Affair June 30, 2020

GK Current Affair June 30, 2020

1. The headquarters of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) is located at ______.
a. Chennai
b. Mumbai
c. Kochi
d. Diu
e. Kanyakumari
Ans. Kochi

2. Joe Biden, who was seen in news recently, is the nominee for which country’s Presidential elections?

United States

3. What is the theme of the 2018 World Soil Day (WSD)?
a. Be the Solution to Soil Pollution 
b. Healthy soils for a healthy life
c. Soils & Pulses: Symbiosis for life
d. Soil day for future life
Ans. Maharashtra

4. हाल ही में किसे भारतीय एथलेटिक्स महासंघ (#NFI) ने 'राजीव गांधी खेल रत्न अवार्ड' के लिए नामांकित किया है?
– नीरज चोपड़ा

5. When is International Sex workers day celebrated every year?

June 2

6. Maulana Asrar-ul-Haque qasmi, who passed away recently, was the lok sabha MP from which Bihar constituency?
a. Hajipur 
b. Aurnagabad 
c. Katihar
d. Kishanganj
Ans. Kishanganj

7. Jasdev Singh, who passed away recently, was associated with Doordarshan for 48year as…?
a. Legal expert 
b. Marketing Advisor
c. Content Manager 
d. Hindi Commmentator
Ans. Hindi Commmentator

8. किस राज्य ने 'स्पंदन नामक अभियान' की शुरुआत की हैं?
- छत्तीसगढ़

9. World Hemophilia Day is celebrated every year on________.
a. 12 April
b. 16 April
c.19 April
d. 17 April
e. 15 April
Ans. 17 April

10. फिनलैंड मे भारत के नए राजदूत बने है?
- रवीश कुमार

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