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GK Current Affair June 13, 2020

GK Current Affair June 13,  2020

1. What is the name of the technology-based platform launched by the Indian Prime Minister, for MSMEs? 


2. Who was the Chairman of the Expert Committees on Rationalisation/Closure/Merger of Film Media Units?

Bimal Julka

3. • पाँच महासागर है:
प्रशांत, अटलांटिक, हिन्द, आर्कटिक और दक्षिणी महासागर

4. ‘NAIMISHA’ is an annual programme conducted by which organisation?

National Gallery of Modern Art

5. • पृथ्वी का लगभग 97% पानी महासागरों मे पाया जाता है।

6. What is the India’s rank at the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index?
a. 19th
b. 36th
c. 54th
d. 67th
Ans. 54th

7. India has signed ‘Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA)’ with which country?


8. Q : According to the recent announcement, who will become the first Arab country to launch 'Mars Mission'?

 United Arab Emirates

9. Who among the following is the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change?
a. Rajnath Singh
b. Nitin Gadkari
c. Prakash Javadekar
d. Harsh Vardhan
e. Jitendra Singh
Ans. Harsh Vardhan

10. Which private sector bank has partnered with Mastercard India to launch a digital point-of-sale solution named ‘Soft POS’?

Axis Bank

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