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GK Current Affair June 13 , 2020


GK Current Affair June 13 , 2020

1.फसलों की खेती को विनियमित करने वाला भारत का पहला राज्य कौनसा बना है?
- तेलंगाना

2.Which country abolished the prevalent corporal punishment of flogging
(beating with whips) ?
- SaudiArabia.

3.Q : Which of the following state governments is to implement a sensor-based service delivery monitoring system in the rural drinking water sector under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM)?


4.NADA provisionally suspends powerlifters Savita Kumari & Ankit Shishodia

5. What is the name of the application launched by the AYUSH Ministry as a part of the launch of clinical research on Ayurveda interventions?

AYUSH Sanjivani

6.'Access to Covid Tools' Accelerator is an initiative launched by
which organization ?

7. India Ratings cuts India's FY21 GDP growth to __ ?
- 1.9%

8.किसने श्वसन स्वास्थ्य की जांच करने के लिए "प्राणवायु कार्यक्रम" शुरू किया है?
- बेंगलुरु नगर निगम

9.World Day for Safety and Health at Work observed on which date ?
- 28 April.

10. भारत द्वारा शुरू की गयी ‘मिशन सागर’ पहल में कितने देश शामिल हैं?
– पांच

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