Wednesday, 10 June 2020

GK Current Affair June 10 , 2020

GK Current Affair June 10 , 2020

1.हाल ही में 'विश्व दूरसंचार दिवस' कब मनाया गया?
- 17 मई

2.World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development: 21 May

3.International Tea Day observed globally on 21st May

4.Q :  Which of the following institutes has developed Defence Research Ultraviolet Sanitiser (DRUVS), an automated contactless ultraviolet sanitisation cabinet?
Research Centre Imarat

5.India’s KHUDOL declared one of Top 10 Global Initiatives to fight COVID-19

6.Land of thousand lakes ?

7.In the context of recent gas leakage incident at Visakhapatnam polymer plant, which gas was found to be leaked?


8.यूरोप में पहला कोरोनावायरस मुक्त देश बना है?
- स्लोवेनिया

9.Name the 1st Mars exploration mission of China ?
- Tianwen

10.Which IIITM has developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) semantic search engine “Vilokana” ?
- IIITM-Kerala

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