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Teacher News August 27, 2019


                            Teacher News August 27, 2019



In Punjab, many employees joined and appointed after 2006 (i.e. in the year 2007 and 2008 ) are fixed above in seniority lists.
In 2006 there are two different advertisement ( CDAC and SSB Board) are published on different dates their date of applying/ merit List and Date of Appointment are different .
But in the given list candidates selected through both advertisements through different merit lists are combined. As candidates having seniority no in between 29000 to 30000 are joined in 2007 and many more joined in 2008 are fixed above the masters who joined in 2008.
There's need to see the issue.

Pay Code 2019 notified uniform pay rule applicable to all.
In India many teachers are working in govt schools are getting different pay, as some are regular while some are on contract. Theere's is strict need of same work same pay rule in Govt schools.

First Central Culture University approved in the country.

Employees will be on hunger strike in Punjab on September 6.
There are various unions coming together for this strike.
There is long pending demands of DA of employees.
All employees have 1 lakh to 2 lakh as DA arrears.
Too many kinds of contract teachers in govt schools of Punjab.
Support Decision in state level meeting of Sanjha Muljim Manch to take part in this strike.

As interest rates are decreasing year by year still PF is good way of saving in India.
Govt has thoughts on getting advice from employees on PF investment.

There's need to file ITR properly as now govt is very strict on it.
Income tax department may ask record of 7 years; IT returns will be investigated on issues.
If employees have not filed previous year ITR then by giving 5000 rs fine they can file it before 31 dec 2019.
After 31/12/2019 there's need to give fine of 10000 rs.
Govt drives a good way of earning from employees.





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