Saturday, 6 July 2019

July examinations in Punjab Government Schools


About July examinations in Punjab Government Schools

As we know that July test is approaching and there is a lot of confusing amongst all of you regarding the same.

So here are some instructions which will help to clarify the confusion.

1. The July test for 6th, 7th and 8th class will be sent by the department.

2. Question paper for classes 6th and 7th will be in form of soft copy and will be sent only to Principals/ Heads/ Incharges one day before the commencement of exam.

3. Question papers for class 8 will be in form of Hard copy which will be sent to your schools through your block mentors and submitted to Principals/ Heads/ Incharges.

4. The total marks for every subject exam will the 50% of the total.

5. The syllabus for the test will be that of Month of April and May.

6. The time alloted for exam will be One and a half hour.

7.  Commencement of exam will start at 8 o'clock as per present school timings. In case the timings for the schools change then it will be 8: 30.

8.  Every question paper will comprise of two parts i.e. Part A for objective type and Part B for Subjective type. So while marking and compiling the result, seperate marks for part A and part B are to be compilled seperately along with total. The lists are to be sent to the concerned BMs.

9. For class 9th and 10th, the july test will be taken as per board instructions like earlier.

I hope it helps.

Also share  your doubts and queries if you have any in the group. It will be clarified as soon as possible.

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