Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Indian Teacher News May 28, 2019


Indian Teacher News May 28, 2019



Decision to make social science fairs of students from 6th to 10th standard of education in Punjab. There’s trends of fairs and exhibitions on name of education now days in Punjab education Department.

Social Science fair to be organized from 27th to 29th May. Sharing of pictures on Whatsaap Groups of these fairs is also part of it.



Bad news of Punjabi UniversitPatiala



Modi government will recruit 500,000 teachers. For Indian government it’s serious concern to generate jobs generally and in education Department particularly. Teachers are Human Resource of educational institutions and the most valuable assets also. There’s always issues of scarcity of teachers specially in rural areas.



PMO gives green signal to HRD Ministry's 100-day action plan. Hopefully we see Education Policy also by this ministry soon. There’s huge expectations about education reforms in India.



Education Minister OP Soni honored the teachers of the state. It’s good trends in Punjab to give honour to teachers and schools heads who able to get good results in board examinations.
It’s great Where the teacher's status is like a teacher.



Admission may start from next month in
DU. There’s huge issues of high merits in all Delhi universities and colleges. It’s very difficult to get admission now days.



Polytechnic admission test today prohibits mobile and purse movements. In all entrance examination there’s strict rules for students.



Better resorted school to be honored



Soni Education Ministers has succeeded in stopping copying completely in Punjab.

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