Issues in Front of SSA/RMSA Teachers

SSA / RMSA teachers are doing great struggles but at the end they have to solve their issues on table talk, and there they have to put everything in logical ways.
So there’re some issues for which they must have clarity in their mind before table talk.

1. First of all, there are more than forty thousand teachers recruited since 2008 just on Basic Pay.
For examples
2008:- 14000 masters plus ETT
2011:- 7654 Masters / Lecturers
2012:- 486 CSS Hindi Masters
2013:- 3442 Masters
2014:- 5178 Masters
2016:- 650 lecturers
2016:- 4500 ETT
2016:- 2005 ETT
2017:- 6060 masters
2018:- 3582 Masters
(If there’s mistake in year or number then better to correction yourself)

2. Zilla Parishad teachers were already under government and there was just shifting from one department to another. It’s not that similar as SSA/RMSA teachers.

3. SSA/RMSA teachers working from years but volunteers [Service Providers] are also working in government schools from much more years. Volunteers are working 4 times less pay compare to SSA/RMSA Teachers.

4. After 2015 for every department there’s rule to take only Basic Pay while SSA/RMSA teachers already got 5000 grade pay more by playing emotional cards. Even after implementation of Basic Pay + Grade pay can be issue for many current employees who are working just on Basic Pay.

5. From 2013 teachers of SSA/RMSA who able to clear PSTET joined departmental posts on Basic Pay and completed three years conditions. Now most of teachers who not able to clear TET in 8886 but yet government giving them option to get regular in Education Department.

6. SSA/RMSA teachers are working on one year contractual based and no promise by government in that contract to make them regular in Education Department. Govt yet giving them option to get regular in Education Department or even stay in societies with current pay structure.

7. As per 2013 central government letter to PB state for erroneous phenomenon of SSA separate cadre not bound state to change its recruitment criteria, If State has rule to put all employees on basic pay for three years then they also have to follow it.

8. When an employee change its employer then he has to follow rule and regulation of new employers. Even when in private sector some employee change his company then he can’t say to protect pay of previous company. Similarly when some teachers join Education Department, he may getting four times more in private school but he can’t say to protect pay of private school and also let him join govt job.

9. Probation period is just part and parcel of govt recruitment rules and all have to follow it when someone come in govt job then he mend to clear probation period. 14000 teachers recruited in 2008 or 7654 or even 3442 all have cleared their contractual period and then after probation period.

10. There are huge number of unemployed youth who are not getting 10300 rs and they are even TET pass. They are ready to take regular govt job on Basic Pay.

These ten points are provided so that they can be taken positively and it’s published after 23 Oct so that no way influence people to change their options.



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